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1954 Typ 540 Speedster

Color: Signal Red

From: Fresno, CA

VIN #80087 - Is a Well-Preserved 1st year 1954 Typ. 540 Pre-a Speedster completed on November 15, 1954 (soon to be 70 years old.) It's #87 of 200 built in 1954 by converting a Cabriolet chassis into what would then be called a Speedster. This early number car has a list of unique characteristics: Typ. 546 2-piece VW Magnesium Engine Case; 519 Synchronized Gearbox; No Defrosters; No Anti-sway bars; No gas gauge; No tilt seats; 6V electrical system; Low- Boy top with Metal Latch System; 3.25" x 16" wheels; Heater Control under dash; and 280mm Aluminum Drum Brakes. Known Ownership from new.