2023 Monterey Car Detail

Werks Reunion

1955 993 Speedster 4

Color: Stardust white

From: Los Gatos, CA

MLR bespoke 4-wheel drive narrow body Speedster built to 993 RS specs: acid washed & etched bare metal 993 cab with all Porsche factory parts (unless noted), 3.8 engine with Carillo rods, RS sport cam shaft, RS Club Sport gearbox, RS-spec seam-welded body, RS front wheel carriers, RS swing arms, RS booster brake system, RS calipers & disks, RS adjustable sway bars, RS 18” 3-piece wheels widened 1/2", RS emergency kill switch, KW variant/poly bush suspension (power-flex) with high/low lift, GT3 oil pump, dual Turbo S oil coolers, LSD, billet valve covers, Cargraphic exhaust w/switchable sound.