2023 Monterey Car Detail

Werks Reunion

1957 356A Coupe

Color: Silver

From: Danville, CA

The "Speedboat" as my wife refers to it, was an EP race car in its earlier life. It has been reborn for the streets. The car is strongly modified, suspension, engine, Recaro copied seats in green leather, and a 138.4 HP John Wilhoit 1925 S motor. Four-wheel disk brakes slow it down. The car was rewired for 12v and all lighting has been converted to LED. A WEVO 5-speed transmission is pending. Michelin tires are attached to Coddington 15x5.5 inch alloy rims. And the entire car is wrapped in Teflon PPL protective wrap. This is an Outlaw dressed in sheep's clothing.