2023 Monterey Car Detail

Werks Reunion

1961 B Sunroof Coupe

Color: Ruby Red Outlaw

From: California

Engine: Autocraft Midget Racing Motor detuned to 9:1 compression, around 200HP. Computer controlled crank fire ignition. Weber carbs(46’s) with velocity stacks underneath the Porsche 912 Air Cleaners. Oil System: 911 Style Porsche dry sump system. Fanned Setrab oil coolers are located within each of the front fenders with finned oil tubes running under the right-side running board. Other: 901 trans.; Porsche IRS; “boxed” front suspension; muffler inside left rear fender(car can be lowered more); disc brakes (4); 911 Fuchs (front), 914/6 (rear); double grill engine lid (single orig.)