2020 Amelia Car Detail

Werks Reunion

1973 Porsche 914 1.7

Color: Bahia Red

From: Marietta, GA

1979 “Ruby” was acquired and became my gateway to PCA. 1981 Porsche Parade Ashville - Ruby had a respectable showing in the Concours and won her class in the Autocross. 1983 Porsche/Corvette autocross Charlotte Motor Speedway - Ruby found the front wall at the track. For the following two years Ruby was methodically taken apart and rebuilt from the inner workings of the engine to her shiny exterior. Not a bolt, wire or piece was left untouched. 2016 Ruby was selected as “Club Car of the Month” and placed on display at PCNA in Atlanta. Ruby will always remain one of my most prized possessions.