2023 Monterey Car Detail

Werks Reunion

1974 911 RSR 50th

Color: Geyser Grey

From: San Francisco, CA

This car was born from the question: How would the 911 50th Anniversary Edition look in the classic longhood form? So the project started to meld tradition with modern performance. The 1974 donor car came from Marco Gerace. After over 8 years of custom building, the car is now a backdated longhood, steel RSR widebody with a 964 3.6, Ohlins shocks, custom interior and too many upgrades to mention. This chapter was lovingly crafted in CA by: YC, Brian K, Gianni B and Vince M Car has been featured in: Excellence Magazine Issue 301, Luftgekühlt SF 2023 and Zygrene’s Youtube Channel