2020 Amelia Car Detail

Werks Reunion

1974 914 1.8

Color: JackSaxton Green

From: Marietta

The 914 has been owned by the Saxton family for 41 years. Danny purchased it in 1978. Martha & Jack (Danny's Parents) bought it in 1979. Martha drove it for 10 years. She was a school teacher. Her students thought it was great and the local news paper wrote an article about her, photo and all. Beverly (Danny's sister} bought it in 1988 when Martha retired and drove it until 1993. The 914 sat in storage until 2017 when it was given to Cathy. It is a work in progress, Danny finally got it running last summer in time for OcteenerFest. It is a survivor and not restored. It's now set up for AutoX