2023 Monterey Car Detail

Werks Reunion

1991 Carrera 2

Color: Grand Prix White

From: San Diego, CA

1991 Carrera 2 This 325,000+ mile Carrera was the perfect blank canvas for a a hot rod 964. Using the 964 RS Touring as a blueprint, this C2 has been built to enjoy the open road and the canyons. My love for the 911 started when I experienced the raw power of a RUF BTR as a kid. From that day, I knew there was no substitute. I always loved the 964, once the ugly duckling of the aircooled 911 family. At Rennsport Reunion VI, I found it, or maybe it found me, and it's been a journey since. Applying the same OEM+ philosophy as I had done for years with Volkswagen tuning, I built my ultimate 964.