2023 Monterey Car Detail

Werks Reunion

2004 996.2 GT3 touring

Color: Black

From: Folsom, CA.

1 of 1 996.2 GT3 touring “Schwarzes Einhorn” First water-cooled Mezger engine in a 911, first GT3 and last analog Porsche! And my all-time favorite dating back to purchasing my first 911 while being stationed in Germany in 1968. When I bought my GT3 it came with a GT3RS wing and when I turned 75 I got tired of boy racer look, so decided if Porsche can turn a GT3 it into a touring so can I. I acquired another OEM GT3 decklid and cut off the wing support uprights, still have the original lid and wing so can be easily changed back to boy racer!