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2008 997 GT2

Color: Black

From: Clearwater, FL

The GT2s are Porsche's fastest road going 911s. Engine 3.6 L Twin Turbo 6 Cylinder Current Specifications: 640 HP, 540 Lb/Ft Torque 3175 Lb. Rear Wheel Drive 6 Speed Manual Transmission Max Speed 204 m/h. Over 14,000 Track Miles The is modified with Porsche Upgrades. Front Fenders are carbon fiber with GT3RS Louvers. Rear Wing raised and 911R Lower Diffuser for aerodynamics. It is regularly used for Driver Education events at Sebring, Road Atlanta, Daytona and other Road Courses. Over 175 mi/hr. at Daytona! Always driven to the track. I am a DE Instructor - PCA Suncoast FL.