2020 Amelia Car Detail

Werks Reunion

2009 997.2 Carrera

Color: Silver

From: Dunedin, Florida

Tarted-up base Carrera. Step-son to Joe Waunsche, owner of award-winning 996 Turbo at 2019 Werks. Notable car prominence also includes feature on #1320 Instagram page. Future modifications include half-cage, dope steering wheel, & roof rack. But hey, never too soon to give the car the award now! This car's owner has been to DRT Miami, PECATL, Luft 5, Nopi Nationals, and seen Ford vs Ferrari, Learning to Race in the Rain, and every Fast and Furious movie. Mimosas are in frunk if that'll sway your vote. Never give up: the longer it takes, the longer it lasts. "Pop clutch; one-hunnit!" - Gandhi