2024 Monterey Cars

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1973.5 911T Targa

Color: Silver Metallic

From: Bakersfield, CA

Harvey We are the 2nd owners of this 1973.5 911T Targa, first ordered in Niello Porsche in Sacramento California with an S Package and "factory air" by our very close family friend Harvey. He came to us in 2003 and we have lovingly cleaned and refreshed him ever since. 13 years of Concours all around Zone 8 and at many PCA Parades, Harvey is mostly retired from showing now with over 290,000 miles. Harvey Purrs like a kitten, starts every time, and drove here to this WERKS from Bakersfield. Still an absolute JOY to drive! ENJOY

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1970 911 - RSR Tribute

Color: Polo Red

From: Santa Clara, CA

"The Maraschino" came into the California PCA family as a 1970 911T with a 1995 993 3.6 liter engine transplant via Seattle eBay in 2003 and was sent to Jerry Woods Enterprises in Campbell, CA for extensive suspension modifications and carbon fiber RSR bodywork. Multiple local PCA Time Trial and Autocross first place wins over the last 20 years. Currently: 3.8, 915 Trans, Quaife LSD, 6 lb billet flywheel, RSR pressure plate, adjustable sway bars, Bilstein shocks, 993 turbo brakes, 9X17 & 11X17 Kinesis wheels, RSR carbon fiber body kit, 20 gal. gas tank (964).

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2004 996 GT3

Color: Speed Yellow

From: Prunedale, Ca

For us the 996 GT3 was the perfect blend of the analog driving experience and modern-day comfort and reliability. This car has been updated with a lightweight Flywheel, 997 RS clutch, Numeric shifter, Numeric cables, semi-solid transmission and motor mounts. These modifications make it a blast to take on a spirited drive through the mountains or a day at the track but it remains compliant enough to take on a weekend road trip.

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1974 Carrera

Color: Orange

From: Wilson, Wyoming

74 Porsche 911 Carrera, 158 -1 (Orange), 67K original miles. We purchase the car & original papers this past fall from the Original 84 yr old Women, her husband purchased the brand new car for her from the Audi / Porsche dealer in Idaho where she resides. She was still driving the Carrera until the day she sold it to us and the stories she told of her racing it & Rallying it were amazing. This past May we did our first Rally in the Carrera and shared photos of it with her. the only items we have done to the car so far was to re-due the interior in the original ordered colors and materials.

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1988 911 FTL M491/M470

Color: Guards Red

From: Hollister, California

1 of 21 M491 Factory Turbo Look (FTL) Coupes, ordered/built with the M470 Spoiler Delete option and the only one build in 1988. This was confirmed on Norbert’s website: www.turbo-look.com. The car was ordered by a gentleman from Southern California for tourist delivery and was picked up at the Porsche factory on June 16, 1988. After his vacation the car was shipped to its new home in Southern California. It has been my pleasure to be the caretaker of this car for 17 years.

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2021 982- 718 SPYDER


From: Beverly Hills CA

PORSCHE: 718 SPYDER A1 Triple Black- Red Porsche Stripe & Accents- Akropovic System Black- Speedster Wheel with Red Center Stripe- PDK GT4RS Shift Knob & Black Paddles- Seat Backs & Rail Guards Black- European Clear Side Marker Lens- Xpel Ultimate Front Clear Cover-Porsche Exclusive Manufaktur: Aluminum Gas Cover- Valve Covers- Center Crest Caps- Center Crest Console Compartment Cover- Black Brake Calipers with Porsche Script Clear Coated- Spyder Top Compartment Emblem Black- PDLS Four Point LED- Porsche Motorsport Red Fire Extinguisher- Rear RS Aero Fins- Michelin Pilot Sport Cup 2 Tires.

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2018 GT2 RS

Color: GT Sliver

From: Petaluma California

Full PPF, Exo-shield, window tint, Soul Performance High Flow Cats. P1 Inserts & carbon fiber interior door pulls. Bought in August of 2023 with 401 Miles CPO.

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1982 911SC Backdate

Color: Pastel Blue

From: Albuquerque, NM

Built, not bought, this Sports Purpose, R Gruppe, car was purchased in August 2023, and was completely backdated by a group of PCAers from Albuquerque, NM over eight months. Everything was redone, including conversion to F-body front fenders, and new fiberglass long hood, and front and rear bumpers. The twin plug 3.0L engine had PMOs and 964 cams installed and a two in - two out muffler. The interior was completely redone with custom Italian made seats using my selected tartan cloth and dash converted to a much cleaner F-body look, new headliner, custom glove box and RS carpet kit.

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2024 Porsche Spyder RS

Color: Fjord Green

From: Almaden, CA

PTS color of Fjord Green Ceramic brakes Replacing my 718 Spyder

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2023 982 Spyder

Color: Black over Red

From: Walnut Creek, California

Porsche’s penultimate ICE roadster that’s sadly no longer produced. Bitchin daily driver, classic backroads burner, a true GT car. Forget the awesome stats, just snuggle in its web, twist the starter & embrace automotive nirvana on your favorite ribbon of asphalt A short coastal run in my wife’s Cayman GTS 4.0 was the forbidden fruit. After a tiny bite of this apple, I had to have a Spyder. I sold my beloved 997 GTS to make space in my garage Sedate about town but angry when approaching red line. Razor sharp handling on undulating curvaceous tarmac like SR198 or SR35 wipes away life’s stress

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2001 996 911 Turbo

Color: Arctic Silver

From: El Cerrito, CA

This Baby is NOT Bored! I'm the second owner of this 996 Turbo which lived on Long Island, then NJ, down to Florida, back to NY, across the country to Arizona, then finally to the Bay Area when I bought her in February 2023. This car is my ultimate weekend cruiser, living it's life street parked in the California sun. Since taking ownership, I've installed a Sony head unit, DCTMS steering wheel, and Speedtech 2.5" x-pipe. In October 2023, we gave birth to our first child and I immediately updated the plates to 996TTBB. If you see us cruising around the Bay Area, be sure to give us a wave!

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1974 914 ClubSport

Color: Ferrair Yellow

From: Surprise Arizona

Originally was a Zambezi Green 1974 914, converted to a six. Body stripped, acid dipped and painted Ferrari Yellow. Motor was a 2.2 liter MFI six from a 1971 911, stroked to 2.4 with 2.7 crank and rods. Oil squirter and shuffle pins added and oil passages update. Heads refreshed with new springs, valves, guides, and machined to twin plug. 901 transaxle refreshed with Wavetrac bilt bearing support. Custom transaxle cooler.Rear and front fenders widened 2.5” and 1.5”, respectively. Dash compliments from a wrecked 1974 911. RUF speedline wheels 17x9 rear, 17x8 front. 944 turbo brakes all around

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1963 356B T6

Color: Heron Grey

From: Redondo Beach, CA

Purchased on March 19, 1963 from Hahn Automotive in Stuttgart, this heron grey 356B T6, with an electric sunroof, was driven in Germany until 1966 before the car was shipped to the U.S. and registered in southern California. Details go dark until 1980, when the car re-emerged in silver GT metallic. In 1996, the car was purchased for $11K and was fully restored with a pair of NOS Solex P40-II carburetors, and other parts, to create a Super 90 spec engine. After tragic accident, and a 2+ year restoration, this Porsche is back on the road with its original color and interior specifications.

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1985 911 IROC Tribute

Color: Gulf Blue

From: Odenton Maryland

An IROC Tribute replica honoring Bobby Allison that participated in the races at Riverside in late 1973. Fifteen identically prepared Porsches were piloted by the world's best racers at that time. ABC Television partnered with Roger Penske and the races were televised. This particular car participates in both the Touring and Track categories on a new IROC fun series where amateurs enjoy the camaraderie and sometimes competition with other IROC Tribute members.

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1954 Typ 540 Speedster

Color: Signal Red

From: Fresno, CA

VIN #80087 - Is a Well-Preserved 1st year 1954 Typ. 540 Pre-a Speedster completed on November 15, 1954 (soon to be 70 years old.) It's #87 of 200 built in 1954 by converting a Cabriolet chassis into what would then be called a Speedster. This early number car has a list of unique characteristics: Typ. 546 2-piece VW Magnesium Engine Case; 519 Synchronized Gearbox; No Defrosters; No Anti-sway bars; No gas gauge; No tilt seats; 6V electrical system; Low- Boy top with Metal Latch System; 3.25" x 16" wheels; Heater Control under dash; and 280mm Aluminum Drum Brakes. Known Ownership from new.

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2022 911 Targa 4S

Color: AventurineGreen

From: San Jose California

This 911 Targa was ordered and manufactured in 2021 and delivered in September 2021 after sitting at the Benica port for a month waiting for parts. Our Targa was a pandemic baby with an unusual number of issues that were not fully cured until the summer of 2024. Our Targa's exterior/interior color was inspired by the 2022 911 launch vehicles with Aventurine Green Metallic exterior, Truffle Brown Club leather with Chalk stitching, and a brown top. My wife and I enjoy our Targa and use it as a GT road car for traveling in the US & Canada. Top Speed/MPG: 188/28

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2022 TAYCAN 4S



Technology Package, Premium Package. The current Porsche

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1974 Porsche 911 Coupe

Color: India Red 027

From: Poway Ca

911 Coupe “Slick Top” Naturally Aspirated 2.7, 150 HP MSRP $11,423.70 72,000 Original Miles Matching #'s Options: Radio Wheelbase Decals Heated Rear Window Group-K09: Opening Rear Side Windows, Fuchs Wheels, Rear Stabilizer Bar, 911S Instruments, Retractable Antenna, Tinted Glass, 5 Speed Trans, Leather Sport Steering Wheel, Window Sticker, Owners Manual Original Tool Roll, Jack, Air Comp, Orange Hood Badge Mods: Dansk SSI Heat Exchangers & Muffler, Correct Era Sport Seats, Coco Mats, Fog Lights, Dealer Inst AC Unique Features: 1 Year only Euro Rear Bumper & Metal Engine Grill, 7:31 R&P

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1984 IROC RSR Tribute

Color: Lime Green

From: Santa Fe, NM

Originally a POC/SCR-class race car built from a 1984 Carrera chassis, this car was reconfigured to replicate the original IROC-RSR that I owned and raced for seven years. Originally white and purchased in as-raced condition in March of 2022, this car was painstakingly stripped down to a bare tub and rebuilt over the course of a year and a half to exactly match the IROC spec race cars down to minute detail.

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1976 Porsche 912E

Color: Sienna Metallic

From: Granite Bay California

In 1976 Porsche needed an entry level car. With the 914 no longer available, but still having a number of left over 2.0 liter 914 engines around...The 1976 Porsche 912E was born. Simply stated, the 912E is a fuel injected, air cooled, four cylinder 911. The 912E was exported only to the United States and never sold in Europe. U.S. Porsche dealerships received one car per-month for the first six months of 1976. Only 500 were produced with power sunroofs. My car is #1404 of 2,093 produced. Sienna is a pristine, decades old 912E....A very rare example of a Porsche unicorn for the ages.

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1957 356A T1 Coupe

Color: Black

From: East Garrison

Serial #100492 is an unrestored, matching-numbers Porsche delivered through Hoffman in N.Y. Parked in 1972 during the Vietnam War. After a breakdown in ’72, a repair, a lien for storage, a new owner, this Porsche sat until purchased by the current owner in 1996. It continued to sit until 2018 when it was finally put back on the road. Period “Hoffman” picnic radio and period Bosch driving lights added. 2-inch Diest racing lap belts added for safety. Occasionally sports a late ‘50s German roof rack. This car gets driven and is a blast to drive! Shown by the Mayor of Big Timber, MT.

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1957 Denzel 1300SS

Color: Light Ivory

From: East Garrison

DK 151 is a Denzel 1300SS aluminum Roadster. Intended for promotional work by west coast importers, Hannig & Olbrich, of North Hollywood. Ordered with a “special” 1300cc engine for racing. DK 151 is a rare model fitted by Denzel with Weber 40 DCM carburetors. Curb weight is 1400 pounds. Used as the “Road and Track” test car for the Nov 1957 issue & the Jan 1958 issue of “Sports Car Illustrated”. In 1958 Hannig & Olbrich put DK 151 into competition at Pomona. It was raced in the '60s by Dick Lovell, Performance Products. Shown at the '83 Porsche Parade & the 2011 "Porsche Race Car Classic".

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2017 991.2 Targa 4 GTS

Color: Black

From: Marina, CA

Our 991.2 T4GTS “Blackbird” has been the ultimate family car. We’ve driven our entire family on numerous roadtrips to destinations across CA, from Joshua tree, Pinnacles, Sequoia, Kings and Yosemite, to San Diego and Napa. This vehicle can carry enough gear to last 1 week for; 2 adults, a baby, and 2 Shiba Inus. The Car has competed in PCA Zone 7 AutoCross and participated in High Speed track days at Laguna Seca under the number “72”. Rear wheel steering makes it an absolute weapon. We’ve put 10,000 miles on it since our acquisition this past September and can’t wait for the next 100,000.

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2018 GT2RS Weissach

Color: GT Silver

From: Atlanta, Georgia

Mission 6:25 known as 'War Machine' was meticulously re-engineered by Vatel Racing (VR1) showcasing top-tier upgrades, featuring titanium and carbon fiber intakes, 18-core PWR Inconel intercoolers, new braking system and lines, reconfigured aerodynamics, Inconel exhaust and a precision-engineered KW Clubsport Suspension. This vehicle’s distinct identity features a hand-painted livery by Gathline Etienne MD and Henry Vatel showcasing the Ein Stein Aperiodic Monotile oriented to pay homage to six Porsche Motorsports teams in celebration of Porsche's 75th anniversary.

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1986 911 Turbo (930)

Color: Speed Yellow

From: Beaumont, CA

Bought this 930 a few years ago, and it sadly turned out to be the classic case of pictures looking better than reality… Lots of dents, chips, scratches, engine smoke, interior wear and tear, you name it. During the restoration process, I added a few personal upgrades, such as the subtle black on black Porsche Crest embroidered on the headrest, and an all-leather dash from a 964. The slant-nose-style side strakes on the rear fenders have been there for as far back as I can find information, to the 80s or 90s. I consider them to be part of the identity of the car now and left them as-is.

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1991 911 964 Carrera 4

Color: Slate Grey

From: Charlotte, NC

This car is based on the iconic 911 ST of the 1970's, using an air-cooled 1991 Porsche 964 Carrera 4, meticulously rebuilt to perfection, using the finest parts and materials. A completely rebuilt engine and gear box, Classic Retrofit a/c with upgraded alternator, stainless steel spaghetti exhaust, Bentley leather, Fuchs design wheels, sunroof, premium HiFi for vintage cars, Bilstein suspension, and many more unique features. The twin turbo engine has a 3.6 liter displacement with special treated heads and valves, (dyno @482 hp), creating an undeniable and incredible driving experience.

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2018 911 Turbo-S

Color: Sapphire Blue

From: Bountiful, Utah

My 2018 Turbo-S is an amazing car. Sport Classic wheels were ordered with Sapphire Blue paint and cognac/ Expresso interior to make a very unique combinations. In summer months I drive it weekly to PCA events. 2023 Porsche Parade winner. Local drives, Cars & Coffee gatherings and PCA sanctioned Track events. I always take her to our local dealership for service. After each drive, I personally give her a full detail to ensure this Turbo-S stays showroom new.

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2007 Cayman

Color: Tannengrün

From: Vacaville, California

Our 2007 Porsche Cayman 2.7 liter is painted in rare Tannengrün (Forest Green Metallic) and is an unmodified Launch Edition enhanced by OEM Sycamore wood trim highlighting the San Beige Interior. We purchased the car over 10 years ago while stationed at Ramstein AB Germany. Highlights were autobahn runs, a visit to the Porsche Museum and factory tour in Zuffenhausen as well as a run on the Nürburgring before bringing our Cayman home to California. With over 77K miles on the clock, we have truly enjoyed long-term ownership and the Porsche driving experience.

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2024 718 Spyder RS

Color: Black

From: Mill Valley, California

I have owned three variations of the Spyder, the 987, 981 (which won best in class at Weeks 20 Anniversary of the Boxster), and now this 718. Each have surpassed my expectations. However this variant in particular is truly an amalgam of the other two, but with the added bonus of almost 500 HP and 9000 RPM of pure ZOOM. In my opinion the best example of what Porsche has been achieving with the roadster concept throughout its history.

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1963 356 B Super Cab

Color: Stone Grey

From: Los Gatos, CA

My parents picked up the 356 at the Porsche factory while on the PCA 5th Annual Treffen, April 1963. Treffen banner is displayed with the PCA badge on the rear grill Originally Signal Red in color with black interior 1968 my father purchased a 912 and sold this 356 to me Was my daily driver until 1976 42 years later restoration began in 2018 and completed in 2020 Color changed to Stone Grey with green interior Headlight grills in memory of father's 1956 Speedster Body and paint by Lance Lighthall Interior by Autos International Assembly by myself and Paul Frame with mentoring from Ted Blake.

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2015 911 Carrera S

Color: Jet Black Met.

From: Roseville, CA

This Jet Black Metallic Carrera S has spent the majority of its life with our family. After acquiring the the car from my parents, it quickly became a favorite for my family and I. We call the car “Simona” after Simona de Silvestro, Porsche’s first female works driver. Being the owner of this car has been the culmination of a dream that started many years ago as a kid in the backseat of my parents 911 and today I am proud to share the same experience with my kids.

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2014 Turbo S Cabriolet

Color: Racing Yellow

From: Carmel, California

We have enjoyed owning a number of different Porsche sports car models continuously over the last couple of decades, and with this car we wanted to experience the flagship 911 production road car. Rather than a track focused model, this Turbo S provides the ultimate daily driving experience with supercar performance achieved using advanced technology. The looks take the turbo lineage to an extreme with voluptuous lines. And being residents of Carmel the Cabriolet allows us to enjoy our local environment year around with the exhilaration that only a top-down experience can provide.

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2023 992 GT3 Touring

Color: Guards Red

From: Oakland, CA

It was my father’s love for sports cars that fueled my dream of owning a Porsche 911. A few months before he passed away from Alzheimer’s, I was able to fulfill my dream with this GT3 Touring. The Guard Red spec with silver wheels is a tribute to his favorite color combination. Since owning the car, I’ve been able to enjoy 6 track days at Laguna Seca and Thunderhill. It’s equipped with a Numeric Short Shifter and Sharkwerks exhaust for an engaging experience both on the street and track. In memory of my father, I'm looking forward to many more miles with a 911 that will stand the test of time.

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2022 Boxster GTS 4.0

Color: Gulf Blue

From: Danville, CA

I fell in love with Porsches after my husband purchased his 2021 Targa 4S. A year later, he gifted me this beautiful 2022 Boxster GTS in Paint to Sample (PTS) Gulf Blue, paint code 328. Gulf Blue is the primary color in Gulf Oil's most iconic racing livery. The Porsche 917, accented with the Gulf logo and orange stripes, dominated international races of the early 1970's like the 24 Hours of Le Mans. Its vanity plate bears the car's moniker "Tiny Box". People in the Bay Area have stopped to talk to me about my car and often recognize it from its Instagram page. Follow us at @tinybox718!

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1966 Porsche 912

Color: Light Ivory

From: Newport Beach, California

Purchased in Napa, California on June 7, 2020. We drove it to Corte Madera to work on the car with Tera’s dad, Richard Maxey, and his wife Margo. For the first three years we all worked together to complete a systematic restoration including cleaning, inspecting, restoring, and/or replacing the under carriage, suspension, engine, electrical, fuel tank, etc. The knowledge transfer was so much fun! In August 2023, we moved the car to Southern California to be painted by Shane East, upholstery by K&H and final tuning by Scotts Automotive. What a great journey the restoration has been!

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2011 911 Carrera GTS

Color: GTSilverMetallic

From: San Francisco, CA

2011 Porsche Carrera GTS coupe - 997.2 GT Silver Metallic; 35K mi; a 911 sweet spot Engine: MA101 3.8L 408HP N/A DFI PDK 7; Sport suspension; Sport Chrono Plus; DSC Controller; Aero kit+wing; PASM; PSM; ABD; HP exhaust+Sharkworks 19” RS Spyder Center Lock wheels; Precision CL tools; Michelin PS4S Interior: Black/grey Alcantara/Leather; Sport seats; Sun roof; Bi-Xenon headlights; PCM 3.0; BOSE; Custom PPF; radiators screens; covers: factory & custom interior & exterior; Also first owner 1984 Porsche Carrera 3.2 Cab GP White; 103K mi; All original top, plastic rear window and ... Owner.

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1974 Porsche 911 IROC

Color: Bright Yellow

From: Torrance, California

This is a 1974 Porsche IROC Tribute that was driven by Peter Revson is the International Racers Of Champions Series. This chassis is a 1980 911SC R.O.W. was aggressively raced in the Porsche Owners Club and was carefully restored to a IROC Tribute. We are planning to race this car in HSR and SVRA in the upcoming 2025 season.

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1972 911 T Targa

Color: Silver Metallic

From: Pleasanton, California

Original purchase Portland Oregon 1972. We are 3rd owners, purchased 1983 for $8600.00. Numbers Matching 911 with 168,000 miles Susan's daily for several years. Susan ran from the cops in this car and escaped unscathed. My work required 2 cross county moves. Porsche has survived two "WE NEED TO SELL THE PORSCHE FOR THE HOUSE DOWNPAYMENT" Married Persons "Discussions" The California house was a particularly extremely lively discussion. Repainted Silver Metallic 1989 Renovations performed by Kahlers 1998. Suspension restoration 2023 Many fantastic memories. Looking forward to many new ones!

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1986 911 Carrera

Color: Custom BLACK

From: Ashland, Oregon

DON’T WALK PAST THINKING—“Another nice-looking black Porsche” The best changes are often subtle so you must slow down to see them. Porsche “Brand Ambassador” Dr. Wolfgang Porsche did just that at the 2019 Werks Reunion Monterey, and awarded Black Magic the Best DESIGN trophy. BK-MGIC is a true RestoMod–Outlaw in every sense. I’m back again now with additional refinements, inside and out. BK–MGIC is my created design, built with focus, vision and passion, and I directed each stage of the build. I’ve seen thousands of Porsches, live and online, but never another one exactly like BK-MGIC…ever!

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1974 911 Carrera

Color: Peru Red

From: Cupertino, California

This 1974 Porsche Carrera (US) is production #38 of only 528. Purchased April 1974 by its ONLY owner for 50 years, this 911 Carrera has remained unrestored with its ORIGINAL paint. Made in Stuttgard, Germany on Aug 1973, launching the beginning of the famous 2nd generation G-series (1974 - 1989). G-Series technology “FIRST”, unique wider flared rear wheel wells, wider rear and narrower front tires, light weight (2425 lbs) & the unique Duck Tail Spoiler. Awards: 2019, 2021, 2022, 2023 - First in Unrestored PCA Concours. 2016 & 2022 - Werks Reunion PCA awards. 2015 - First at Carmel Concours.

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1973 911E

Color: Silver

From: Carmel, California

This car is an idealized recreation of my first Porsche, a 1973 911E. I found a complete but ratty car with 85,000 miles and performed a full restoration over a four year period. The car was delivered new with the S suspension and gauge package and factory Koni shocks, all of which are retained. Modifications include factory RS flares, a 3.0 engine, and some interior color liberties. I have tried to keep the overall aesthetic period correct. The original MFI engine is stored for posterity. All work was performed by Jerry Woods Enterprises in Campbell, CA.